Different types of reports generated for measuring the SEO activity performance

Published: 06th September 2010
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SEO is a cyclic process. It begins with the keyword research, goes through the steps of content writing and link building to the final step of generating the various reports and tracking the performance of key activities. The final step provides the inputs to the beginning of the first step all over again. The amount of work to be done in the next cycle of the SEO web marketing process will depend on the performance reports of the previous steps. What are the different types of these reports and what do these indicate? How can we use these to know what needs to be done further in the next cycle of the process?

Well, some of the common types of reports generated for this purpose are:

1. On-Page Optimisation Report: It provides information about the keyword-wise optimization rate of the web content. It also mentions how the page title, meta descriptions, meta keywords, body text, H1 headings, bold text, anchor text, image alt text and final words have been optimized.

2. Submission reports (on the search engine): There are thousands of search engines, most popular being Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista and a few others. When the web content for the full site has been optimized it is submitted to the search engines for enabling its indexation. This is a prerequisite before the site is to be indexed. This reports provides information on which search engines has the url been submitted.

3. Link building report: The link building report of the SEO web marketing process shall cover the direct links provided to the site, back links, domain back links, type of links, the anchor text and the dates on which these links were added.

4. Social bookmarking report: social bookmarking is an important SEO activity. The report for this crucial web marketing tool contains the names of social bookmarking sites where the links have been established as well as corresponding urls of the deep site pages which have been bookmarked.

5. Current Ranking report: This is the most import of all the reports and summarises the efforts of SEO activities. The rank of the site for each of the keyword optimised is found on the search engines on which the link has been submitted. Most of the companies prefer to use the Google ranks since it the most widely used search engine of the world.

6. Google Analytics report: Google allows for the creation of free report of traffic visiting the site. You can know which keyword was used by the visitors for coming on to your site and from which geographical locations. You can also measure the number of clicks, conversion rates and much more for the in-depth and most comprehensive report till date.

SEO web marketing tool allows measurability of the marketing performance at global or local level which, in turn, allows for the creation of accurate reports. These reports form the basis of more targeted and effective marketing campaign for the next cycle of SEO.

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